Our friendly Engineering team at Elevator Sales can tailor design service lift packages to suit a wide range of industrial requirements, in compliance with Australian Standards & the Building Code of Australia. We have experience working with engineers from initial concept stage to final installation with the aim to provide the best tailor made solution for the project. Some examples of contracts we have supplied to have included the necessity to withstand the harsh environments experienced in the tropics including externally mounted, cyclone rated towers. We can supply the relevant documentation to suit industrial quality standards. Contracts we have been involved with include:

  • Port Haven accommodation village, Port Hedland, WA.
  • Gorgon project number 1, Barrow island, WA.
  • Gorgon project number 2, Barrow island, WA.

Features as standard

  • Easy to maintain and install complete with full installation and maintenance manuals.
  • Technical support available for installation and maintenance issues.
  • Stainless steel lift car as standard.
  • Stainless steel car and landing doors as standard.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Made from low maintenance high quality components.
  • Corrosion protected, robust steel components as standard.
  • Complete safety features according to Australian standards.
  • Fully supported product with spares available on demand.
  • Designed for easy access to motor drive and other serviceable components in the bottom of the lift shaft pit with optional stainless steel access door.

Features - additional options

  • Self supporting lift tower which can be supplied as a complete unit or modular with fixing points to suit the on-site adjoining structure. These units are dispatched fully commissioned and tested.
  • Engineered Footing/slab details can be supplied upon request to suit our products.
  • Supporting documentation including 'manufacturers data report' (MDR) or 'inspection & test plan' (ITP) can be supplied upon request.
  • Fully welded, heavy duty cyclone rated tower, in compliance with AS1170 part 2 (Structural design actions, part 2: wind actions). Cyclone Rating is Region D, Category 1.
  • Fully clad weather protected tower for external mounting.
  • Single phase 240v, 50Hz power supply.
  • Soft start (for transport of fragile items).
  • Removable shelf.
  • Additional lift car entrances, through and adjacent entry.
  • 2 hour fire rated landing doors compliant to AS1735 part 11 (Fire rated landing doors).
  • Motor drive unit can be optionally mounted in the headroom space (top of lift shaft) if required.
  • Linished stainless steel motor room access door fitted with lock and electrical breaker contacts.
  • Lift car arrival buzzer.
  • Other variations upon request.

Technical Specifications

Compliance: Designed and manufactured in accordance to AS1735 part 4 (Service lifts - power operated) and the building code of Australia (BCA)
Control: Call & send push buttons with lift arrived indicator
Rated Load: To your requirements up to 450kg
Speed: 0.25m/s
Drive: Asynchronous three phase electric motor complete with worm gearbox (Motor may be manually cranked in the case of power failure)
Transmission: Heavy duty chain suspended drive
Lift Car Material: Stainless steel, linished finish
Lift Car Doors: Vertical bi-parting stainless steel with linished finish
Landing Doors: Vertical bi-parting stainless steel with linished finish (not fire rated as standard)
Landing Door Configurations: Front, rear and adjacent
Power Supply: 415v, 3 Phase, 50Hz (unless single phase option taken)

For CD150 & CD250 models